Ensuring security is one of the main tasks of the development of modern society: protection from the threat of terrorism, organized crime, man-made and environmental disasters. The effectiveness of solutions to these problems is inextricably linked to the level of equipment of facilities with appropriate technical means of countering threats, an important place among which is occupied by inspection equipment.

Checking the contents of Luggage, mail, cargo and vehicles is carried out today by means of non-Intrusive (non-contact) control systems, i.e. without directly violating the integrity of the package (body) of inspection objects. For this purpose, one of the most effective and popular technical means are different in their purpose and design x-ray television installations( RTU), which are otherwise called “introscopes”.

During the scanning process, x-ray television sets provide separation of organic and inorganic materials, providing a three-color image of the inspected object

• Organic materials are displayed in orange.

• Inorganic materials are displayed in blue.

• Mixed materials (organic and inorganic) are displayed in green.

To obtain more accurate information about the contents of the scanned object, a comprehensive analysis of the composition, density and structure of objects is carried out. The combination of these data allows the inspection operator to judge their purpose and belonging to a certain type of potential threats.