Transport security is the state of protection of transport infrastructure and vehicles from acts of illegal interference.

ARES company will reliably provide a special mode of passage (passage) of individuals (vehicles)and the passage (transportation) of goods, baggage or personal belongings on the transport infrastructure. Checkpoints at the borders of transport security zones are equipped with modern equipment and technical means of inspection, allowing to detect and identify prohibited items and substances.

In our work, we use the latest technical means to ensure transport security and special means. This makes it possible to prevent the passage of weapons, to detect explosive devices and other prohibited items in a timely manner, and to identify persons preparing to commit acts of unlawful interference at transport facilities.

All Ares employees have passed strict qualification selection, are certified and have skills in working with technical means of ensuring transport security and special means. During the examination of the object, our employees will identify and inform the Customer about the shortcomings found in the protection system that increase the vulnerability of the object from illegal encroachments.

As part of the transport security unit, there are rapid response teams that perform their tasks around the clock to respond to the preparation of the Commission or Commission of acts of unlawful interference in the transport security zone.