An armored car with an armed guard is not enough to provide security during cash transportation. Only a complex approach allows therisks of such activities to be minimized.

ARES has developed special training programs for guards and drivers at its Corporate University, where special attention is given to the preparation of a secure route and the crew’s activity plan during emergency circumstances. The skills are honed through regular exercises together with cash-in-transit guards and with the participation of police units to develop team work with law enforcement bodies.

Our additional advantage is the availability of the extensive network of Rapid Response Teams, which are ready to provide promptly all necessary support for the crew in case of any attack.

Except for cash-in-transit, our services are popular with private banking divisions in providing security during valuables’ transportation by VIP clients of banks.

Also, we provide services in the following areas:

–  The armed escorting of valuables (securities, antiques, jewelry and precious metals) transportation;

–  Cashier escorting during cash transportation.