360 view cams

Audio notification

Detection function

24/7 Security

The Ares S5 security robot automatically patrols the territory along a pre-programmed route and transmits video images to the operator using a 4G or Wi-Fi network . The robot is equipped with a high-resolution 360-degree intelligent video surveillance system.

Ares Security Services provides patrol robot service. The patrol robot operates autonomously using a GPS signal and is automatically charged. Daily patrol distance up to 12 km.

  • Intelligent Surveillance System with Threat Recognition
  • Fully autonomous patrolling day and night 24/7
  • Artificial Intelligence in a Multi-Robot Security System.
  • Fully autonomous patrolling
  • Robots working in a group as a team. Communicating to each other while exchanging data and intruder information.
  • Swarm intelligence for reliable group patrolling of large areas
  • Panoramic video surveillance system with PTZ camera
  • Robots support the Wi-Fi MESH network
  • Artificial intelligence for human face and behavior recognition within the cameras’ observation range
  • Intelligent security: Recognition of staff members by uniforms
  • Obstacle avoidance and anti-collision system
  • Overcome obstacles up to 7 inches high
  • Cloud data integration capabilities
  • Easy integration with VMS central monitor systems (such as Milestone, etc.)
  • 100% support (compliant) of ONVIF standards
  • High cross-application capability
  • High Ingress Protection rating for outdoor applications
  • Self-diagnostic system
  • Panic button and two-way audio intercom
  • Operates 24/7 in a wide variety of terrains and under any weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, gusty wind or hail)
  • Operating temperature ranges from -25° C (-12° F) to 55° C (+118° F) (High Temperature version up to 62° C (144° F) will be available later this year)
  • Up to 18 hours of autonomous patrolling
  • Schedulers
  • Automatic recharging system
  • IP65 rating for waterproof and dust resistance
  • Easy on-site deployment and installation
  • 24/7 virtual monitoring of robots by the manufacturer
  • Support, maintenance staff consultation and training
  • Quick payback of your investment, easily within 6 – 9 months of operating time