ARES is a team of professionals who have achieved success in their business; they are professionals who have unique knowledge and many years of experience, both in Russian and foreign companies. We place high demands on our own staff, so we managed to form a cohesive and effective team of leaders, which ensures the provision of high quality services to our customers. We consider successfully completed projects in various industries as proof of our success: retail, banks, public sector, mass events, industry, etc.

We believe that the success of the company, its brand and reputation is the work of a team based on providing comprehensive solutions in the field of security management and characterized by a non-standard approach to solving problems.

By entrusting our business to the ARES team, our clients are confident that their business is working effectively, because we are interested in doing our job and reaching new heights with our clients.

ARES company was founded in 1994, and since then we have accumulated a huge experience in the field of security services. We can safely say that we have a powerful potential to successfully solve tasks of any complexity.