Ares canine service is ready to perform operational tasks with 100% efficiency. Advantage of this service not only in excellent skills of possession of the weapon and hand-to-hand fight, but also well coordinated fighting pair consisting of the cynologist and a service dog. The combat pair, regardless of weather conditions and other factors, is ready to perform any task of apprehending a criminal during the protection of objects with maximum efficiency.

Ensuring the use of service dogs in activities on:

• Prevention, detection, suppression, disclosure of crimes, prevention and suppression of administrative offenses.

• Ensuring the personal safety of citizens and public safety, protection of public order.

• Protection of objects and territories of the state, municipal, private and other forms of property, special establishments of law-enforcement bodies, protection and escort of suspects and accused of Commission of crimes.

• Search and detention of persons hiding from the bodies of inquiry, investigation and court, evading criminal punishment, who have escaped from custody.

• Detection of drugs, explosives, weapons and ammunition.

• Inspection and testing of possible hiding places of criminals.

• Search for items that can serve as a means to detect the crime and establish its circumstances.