Key development dates:

• 1994 – Foundation of the company. Beginning customer service in the Northwest region.

• 1996 – Launch of the first projects in the regions of Russia.

• 2002 – Beginning of servicing the first Federal clients in the “Industry” segment.

• 2005 – the Number of the company reaches 1 500 people.

• 2009 – Merger of several large regional companies under the ARES brand. The total number of employees is 2,500.

• 2011 – start of cooperation with Federal networks in the Retail segment. <

• 2012 – ARES successfully launched a new service for itself “cargo transportation Support”.

• 2013 – ARES joins more than 50 regional companies and becomes one of the largest Federal security service providers.

• 2014 – Opening of 7 macro-regional centers in St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Samara, Rostov-on-don and Moscow.

• 2015 – Creation of the Federal customer support service.

• 2015 – the number of accompanied cargo transportation exceeded 10,000 routes. The total number of clients of stationary physical protection is more than 1000. The number of service regions is more than 50. The total number of employees is about 7,000 people. Opening a new direction – ensuring the security of mass events. The main clients are large exhibition centers, sports complexes, theaters, organizers of mass events. Project of the year – ensuring the safety Of the Russian stage of Formula 1 in Sochi.

• 2016 – Launch of the new Ares brand. Opening of a new direction-support of transportation of values and cash. The main clients are banking structures and collection companies.

• 2017 – the Total number of clients of stationary physical security-more than 1300. A new direction this year for our company was the protection of the owner’s assets-anti-raiding.

• 2018 – ARES is The first company in the Russian market of security structures to announce the introduction of AGILE ideology of business process management. AGILE implies a flexible approach to project management and implies the application of new basic principles of customer service.

• 2019 – ensuring the security of the XXIX world winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk as a single operator of security services. More than 1,300 Ares employees from more than 50 regions of the country are involved. During the operational period, more than 100 thousand visitors to the Universiade facilities were admitted using x-ray television inspection systems, more than 20,000 special technical inspections of vehicles were carried out, and more than 300 incidents were prevented.