Since 1994, we have accumulated extensive experience in conducting major events. More than 1,300 employees from more than 50 regions of the country were involved in ensuring the security of the XXIX world winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk.


In case our company has more than 1000 customers in the following business segments: retail, industry, development banks, public sector and events. We know the characteristics of each of these areas.


We are committed to innovative solutions and adapting them to specific needs. This approach allows us to be efficient and provide quality service. Download presentation

ARES: modern security standards at all levels

Our security company offers a full range of services to ensure the security of stores, supermarkets, shopping and entertainment centers, business centers, industrial facilities, warehouses, as well as the organization of personal security and protection of mass events. A wide network of regional centers in all regions. Highly qualified specialists of all profiles. Advanced high-tech equipment. Unique cases.

Why choose our services?

he experience of our private security Agency has shown that you can only guarantee results if you control all the links in the security chain. This is why we have created macro-regional centers all over Russia. this allows us to work anywhere in the country exclusively with our own resources. Each Ares private security company in this structure operates in accordance with the same internal protocols and quality standards.

This means that in Moscow or Saratov, by submitting a request for service, you can be sure:

In attracting real professionals to solve the problem, who regularly undergo retraining in accordance with the development of security system technologies;
In an integrated approach. We draw up a security project for each specific case, taking into account the task at hand;
In the high efficiency of each support link. We use the latest technologies and advanced equipment to achieve maximum effect with minimal impact of the human factor.

We have extensive experience both in providing personal security and in organizing the security of mass events (including robotic or autopatrolling). Our security Agency works both under one-time contracts and on the basis of continuous cooperation. We provide fast response to any emergency situations.

Cynological service, cybersecurity division, Analytics (retail security) – we have created the best security company to ensure high quality of service. Order a callback right now or call +7 (800) 555-7-911 to have our Manager prepare a draft solution for your task.

We ensure your safety so that you can safely do business.